And congratulations - you passed the first challenge. You got here. In future, this will be a puzzle.

Now let’s build a healthy metaverse. If you care, I challenge you.

A challenge to earn your place as a Shining Example. Read on. And full details here.

Shining Example: Level 1


      1. Cast me and drop a good cause or ︎ project the community should check out.
      2. Bonus points for letting any pals who might care know. 

First 5 get the goods. All participation counts for what’s coming...


Want a rarer prize? Committed to conscious living? (You don’t need to have done Level 1.)

      1. Find the password and input it here (ALL CAPS).
      2. Clue: Fabrics of Reality #001.
      3. Unlock and step up at The Empathy Gym.


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