A Long Walk With Generous Friends is an artwork to explore the sixth stage in artist _slow_crypto’s Fabrics of Reality project. 

That sixth Fabric, Indigo Cotton, is subtitled Resilience and represents the need to remain steadfast in the journey to positive social change.

A journey through crypto undoubtedly requires resilience. Along mine, I have found the people, true human connection, to be the key sustaining factor. This work is a record and a celebration of that experience as it unfolds.

A Long Walk With Generous Friends is a 64-piece A1-sized physical jigsaw. Each piece as unique as the person to whom it is gifted.

Upon receipt of a piece, the owner may submit an image in response to the word ‘resilience’. This will then update what is shown in the location of their piece within the dynamic digital artifact (top).

Where the physical becomes more fractionalised, the digital becomes more collaborative.

The question is, will it ever be united?
Could it?


1. Gifted 12/06/23. Details TBC.
2. Gifted 28/12/23. Anonymous.
3. Gifted 21/02/24. Details TBC.
4. Ready for my next encounter.


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